NC State Electronic Design Automation

Welcome to the NC State Electronic Design Automation (EDA) website, a collection of design kits, methodologies, and tutorials for research and coursework in integrated circuit design.


April 19, 2021 – We will soon offer support for a Synopsys-only design flow with the FreePDK15, including layout and schematic entry with Custom Compiler, DRC & LVS with IC Validator, and parasitic extraction with Star-RC. These features are currently in use in our VLSI Design course and will be released in Version 2.0 this summer.


The NC State Cadence Design Kit is a process design kit (PDK) for Cadence design tools to design integrated circuits using the MOSIS fabrication processes at the 180nm technology node and larger, available for public download


The FreePDKTM process design kit is an open-source, Open-Access-based PDK for the 45nm technology node and the Predictive Technology Model.


We make the tutorials from our courses available for public use, including Full Custom Digital Design, ASIC Design, ASIC Verification, Physical (Place & Route) Design, and other helpful tips.

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Please send all suggestions, questions, or comments about this site, the FreePDK, or the NCSU CDK to the NCSU EDA Help Desk:

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