NC State University Cadence Design Kit

NC State University’s Cadence environment has been customized with several technology files and a fair amount of custom SKILL code. These files contain information useful for analog/full-custom digital CMOS IC design via the MOSIS IC fabrication service. This information includes layer definitions (e.g. colors, patterns, etc.), parasitic capacitances, layout pcells, SPICE simulation parameters, Diva rules for DRC, extraction, and LVS verification, and various GUI enhancements. This environment is available as the NCSU Cadence Design Kit (NCSU CDK).

The NCSU CDK can be used with at least versions 4.4 through 5.1 of the Cadence software toolset and is available free of charge as a service to the Cadence design community.

The original NCSU CDK was authored by Toby Schaffer, Alan Glaser, and Andy Stanaski in 1996. Their good work has been sustained and supported by many others since then.

Support for this effort comes from DARPA, NSF, SRC, and the NCSU Analog Alliance. The effort is directed by Professor Paul Franzon and Professor Rhett Davis.

Current Versions

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  • The most current supported version of the NCSU CDK is 1.5.1, for use with Cadence Virtuoso versions 5.1.41 and earlier.

In addition, a beta test version of NCSU CDK is available (1.6.0.beta), for use with OpenAccess, Cadence Virtuoso versions 5.2.51, 6.1, and later.